Rockport Networks unveils switchless network to drive new era of innovation in data center performance

Announcement highlights: Company emerges from stealth with switchless product that delivers an average of 28% reduction in workload completion times under load and 3X (...)

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Durham University Selects Rockport Switchless Network for COSMA7 Exascale Workload Modeling

• A leading UK HPC research facility chooses 232 nodes for upgrade to a new Rockport switchless network architecture based on some codes seeing (...)

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Rockport Switchless Network over High Performance InfiniBand or Ethernet

Rockport has redefined networking for performance-intensive computing, with a new architecture that enables better performance and economics to address decades-old industry challenges. Here are (...)

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HPC User Forum Highlights: The Future of Smarter MPI & Smarter Networks

A Hyperion Research study found over half of the High-Performance Computing (HPC) sites they surveyed have adopted the Message Passing Interface (MPI) as their (...)

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Replay: Achieving Better Network Performance in the Age of HPC & AI

Traditional networks were never built to handle the demands of advanced computing workloads. (...)

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Demo: Increase Visibility and Control for HPC Clusters with Rockport ANM

With Rockport, your network is never just an opaque black box. The Rockport Autonomous Network Manager (ANM) provides a bird’s eye view of your (...)

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Why Rockport, why now? An industry poised for change

I’ve just accepted the role of Co-CEO at Rockport, and those that know me may be asking why. After a more than 30-year career, and the successful acquisition (...)

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Rockport named one of the 10 coolest networking products of 2021 by CRN

Just weeks after emerging from stealth-mode, and being named one of the 10 hottest networking startups by CRN, Rockport has landed on yet another (...)

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Rockport Networks Names Network Industry Veteran Marc Sultzbaugh as Co-CEO

Former Mellanox sales and marketing executive to drive next phase of growth for high performance network innovator; $48 million new funding (...)

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How Switchless Networks Unlock Storage Networks at Scale

The performance of your storage infrastructure is only as good as the network it’s connected to, and that’s a problem. (...)

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SC21 Replay: Advanced Congestion Control for Addressing Network Bottlenecks

The interconnect is one of the most critical components in large-scale computing systems, and its impact on the performance of parallel applications increases with (...)

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Top 5 Insights into Network Congestion from the HPC Wire Congestion Panel

Congestion is a major issue affecting high-performance computing networks in multiple ways – but there’s hope on the horizon. The HPCwire panel “Quieting Noisy (...)

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Rockport named one of the 10 hottest networking startup companies by CRN

Just weeks after emerging from stealth-mode with the launch of the Rockport Switchless Network, CRN has named Rockport to its list of the 10 (...)

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