Rockport Networks unveils switchless network to drive new era of innovation in data center performance

Announcement highlights: Company emerges from stealth with switchless product that delivers an average of 28% reduction in workload completion times under load and 3X (...)

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Durham University Explores a Better Way to Chart the Cosmos

At Durham University’s Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC) in the UK, COSMA supercomputers run cosmological simulations from the Big Bang forward, generating some 130 (...)

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Rockport listed as one of the 10 hottest networking startups of 2022 by CRN

For the second year in a row, CRN has named Rockport as one of the 10 hottest networking startups of 2022:   “Data center (...)

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McMaster University Unlocks the Mysteries of Fracture

12-node cluster delivers top performance at the right scale. (...)

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The future of high-performance data centers is here

In today’s data centers, traditional networks are now the single biggest bottleneck, throttling applications, driving up costs and creating unsustainable environmental impacts. With layers (...)

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Interconnect for Performance-Intensive Computing

Interconnect for Performance-Intensive Computing – No longer a Hobson’s Choice

In many areas, performance-intensive computing has seen considerable innovation over the past few decades. Compute central processing units (CPUs) have evolved from single processors (...)

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Cybersecurity: Can the network become the first line of defence?

Applying security controls to research systems requires a careful balance to manage cyber risks without slowing the pace of innovation. (...)

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Video: 5 Minutes with Dr. Alastair Basden, Durham University

Dr. Basden is the technical manager for the COSMA High Performance Computing system at Durham University in the UK. He sat down with us (...)

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Datamation highlights the disruptive potential of Rockport’s Switchless Architecture

Rockport’s new CEO, Phil Harris, recently spoke with Rob Enderle at Datamation to give him the inside scoop on what makes Rockport’s Scalable Fabric (...)

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The Replacement for [Networking] Displacement

For decades, the adage “There’s no replacement for displacement” was considered dogma amongst the go-fast automotive gear-heads crowd. The larger your cylinders, the bigger (...)

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Durham University Selects Rockport Switchless Network Coverage

“Based on the results and our first experience with Rockport’s switchless architecture we were confident in our choice to improve our exascale modeling performance (...)

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Rockport Networks Taps Data Center Industry Executive Phil Harris as CEO

Former Intel, Cisco executive to address the need in market for next-generation network fabrics that are more performant, have better economics and are environmentally (...)

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Durham University Selects Rockport Switchless Network for COSMA7 Exascale Workload Modeling

• A leading UK HPC research facility chooses 232 nodes for upgrade to a new Rockport switchless network architecture based on some codes seeing (...)

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