High performance networking for Manufacturing

Harness the power of workload acceleration

Manufacturers have always relied on technology to gain competitive advantage. Today, HPC and AI can increase that impact more than ever from advanced modeling and simulation to help design and build new products, to gathering and analyzing information from millions of IoT devices or sensors in the field, to using advance analytics to optimize supply chains, manufactures are harnessing technology to deliver better products, more efficiently and in less time. 

Rockport helps manufacturers get the most out of their investment in HPC infrastructure, with an advanced direct interconnect solution that improves overall cluster efficiency, is simple to deploy and manage, scales in line with their needs and helps deliver on environmental commitments. 


Manufacturers can take advantage of HPC infrastructure to enable advanced modeling, simulation, and data analytics to overcome manufacturing challenges, optimize processes and design, improve quality, predict performance envelopes and points of failure, and accelerate testing using applications such as: 

  • Computational Electromagnetics 
  • Computational fluid dynamics 
  • Computational Structural Mechanics 
  • Computer-aided Design 
  • Computer Structural Mechanics 
  • Computer-aided Engineering 
  • Emissions Modelling 
  • Pre/Post Mesh Creation and Visualization 
  • Product Lifecycle Management 

High-performance computing has become a critical enabler of innovation, new product design and development, and product testing and validation in virtually all manufacturing companies, meaning HPC is helping manufacturers both cut costs and create new revenues. "

Modern architecture for complex workloads

Designed as the fabric of the future, the Rockport Switchless Network has a fully distributed architecture ready for the next generation of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence  

By eliminating centralized switching, Rockport helps manufacturers accelerate time to market by improving application performance without increasing operational burden or compromising on sustainability targets: 

Faster results, predictably

Complete more workloads with fewer idle resources, by accelerating cluster performance.

Reduce overhead and operational burden

Switchless networking deploys in a fraction of the time of traditional networks, and advanced telemetry ensure complete system transparency.

A greener data center

Meet or exceed green targets by removing the switch and consuming significantly less energy than traditional networks.



Loy Evans explains how to get better performance and more efficient data center utilization, with less complexity, in this webinar replay.

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