High Performance Networks. Simplified.

Rockport has reimagined the next generation of high performance networks with a switchless architecture that delivers better performance at scale, simplified.

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Switchless Networking

Ending decades of unnecessary network complexity, the Rockport Switchless Network replaces centralized switch fabrics with a distributed, highly reliable, high-performance interconnect providing connectivity that is intelligent, adaptable, self-healing, and simple to operate.

By distributing the network switching function into each device endpoint, the nodes become the network.

When performance matters

When performance matters

Predictable low latency under load

Consistent low latency under load for predictable workload performance – for both latency and bandwidth-sensitive traffic – for any size network.

Innovative FLIT-based architecture delivers zero congestive loss of data with market-leading tail latency characteristics.

Scale on your terms

Lower overall costs, higher realizable value

Without the scaling limits of traditional switches, switching capacity is added linearly through incremental endpoints where the cost per node stays consistent.

Buy what you need and reuse nodes for a completely modular, flexible and cost-effective network fabric.

Scale on your terms
The network simplified

The network simplified

Inherently simple - by design

Easy to adopt, own and operate, a plug and play solution that installs in minutes, not hours or days.

Intelligent, adaptable, and self-healing, the intuitive management interface and visualization promotes ease-of-use and greatly reduces management complexity.


Rockport’s unique form factor eliminates the need for rack space and reduces networking power requirements, significantly improving a data center’s all-important PUE (power usage efficiency) rating. And with less power, heat and space consumed, it’s the right thing to do.


reduced networking power requirements


less space occupied

Be a part of the future of networking

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