High performance networking for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Harness the power of workload acceleration

Healthcare and life sciences organizations rely heavily on data analytics, modeling and simulation to solve difficult challenges, so will greatly benefit from the next generation of performance-intensive computing. Smart organizations are taking advantage of distributed computing, GPU acceleration and AI/ML tools to speed up the completion of large, complex workloads.

Rockport helps healthcare and life sciences organizations achieve results more quickly, at a lower cost, with a direct interconnect solution that’s easy to deploy and provides unrivaled performance, all while being transparent to manage.

Investing in high-performance computing systems allows organizations to drastically accelerate discovery life cycles across the healthcare life science industries, including: 

  • Computational biology 
  • Bioinformatics 
  • Lattice quantum chromodynamics 
  • Molecular dynamics 
  • Quantum chemistry 
  • Industrial process monitoring 
  • Genomic sequencing 
  • Image processing and interpretation 

Without HPC writ large, modern life sciences research would quickly grind to a halt.”

A modern architecture for modern workloads

Designed as the fabric of the future, the Rockport Switchless Network has a fully distributed architecture ready for the next generation of performance-intensive computing.  

By getting the switch out the way, Rockport helps healthcare and life sciences organizations accelerate time to results by dramatically simplifying network design and configuration without compromising on performance, set-up times and system visibility.

Optimize cluster performance

By virtually eliminating congestion under load, achieve faster and more predictable workload completion times with fewer idle resources

Research faster, at lower cost

Deploy a network in a fraction of the time, while reducing energy consumption, cooling, rack space, weight, cabling and more.

System-wide telemetry

See real-time, end-to-end traffic flows and troubleshoot network performance for individual workloads.

White Papers

The Consequences of Congestion: Why modern high performance workloads need a modern network architecture


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