High performance networking for Government & Research

Harness the power of workload acceleration

As society digitally transforms, government and research organizations are adopting HPC and AI technology to analyze mountains of information and provide their stakeholders with considerable strategic advantages, while enhancing quality of life, safety, and security.  

Rockport helps government and research organizations achieve results more quickly and at a lower cost, with an advanced direct interconnect solution that improves overall cluster efficiency, is simple to deploy, and provides industry-leading green benefits.


Weather forecasting, medical research, ensuring national security and unlocking secrets of the cosmos are just some of the ways government and research organizations are using HPC and AI applications: 

  • Atmospheric circulation modeling 
  • AI platform training 
  • Computational fluid dynamics 
  • Mesoscale weather prediction 
  • Molecular dynamics         
  • Plasma physics 
  • Quantum cosmology 
  • Seismic wave simulation

Based on a 6D torus, we found the Rockport Switchless Network to be remarkably easy to set up and install. We looked at codes that rely on point-to-point communications between all nodes with varying packet sizes where - typically - congestion significantly reduces performance on traditional networks. We were able to achieve consistent low latency under load and look forward to seeing the impact this will have on even larger-scale cosmology simulations."

Modern architecture for complex workloads

Designed as the fabric of the future, the Rockport Switchless Network has a fully distributed architecture ready for the next generation of exascale computing.  

By eliminating centralized switching, Rockport helps government agencies and research organizations accelerate time to results by dramatically simplifying network design and configuration without compromising on performance, ease of use, or sustainability targets: 

Faster results, predictably

Complete more workloads with fewer idle resources, by virtually eliminating congestion under load.

Reduce overhead and operational burden

Switchless networking deploys in a fraction of the time of traditional networks, and advanced telemetry ensure complete system transparency.

A greener data center

Meet or exceed green targets by removing the switch and consuming significantly less energy than traditional networks.


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Dr. Dan Stanzione shares why TACC chose Rockport switchless networking capabilities for Frontera, the world’s fastest supercomputer in an academic setting.

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