High performance networking for Financial Services

Harness the power of workload acceleration

Faced with exponentially expanding customer and market data, financial services institutions (FSIs) are under increasing pressure to deliver faster and more accurate modeling and simulation to remain competitive and provide value. Having the most performant HPC and AI infrastructure is key, and FSIs can’t afford to be burdened with an interconnect that slows results and leaves expensive compute and storage resources sitting idle.  

A Rockport Switchless Network can accelerate time to results, increase the efficiency of the entire HPC/AI compute and storage investment, and is inherently resilient and secure.


FSIs need a modern network architecture to fast-track big data analytics and AI to offer new services, detect and mitigate threats, and comply with regulations, with applications such as:

  • AI platform training
  • Natural language processing
  • HPC storage acceleration
  • STAC suite
  • Monte Carlo simulations

Central bank-backed cryptocurrencies, transaction clearing and settlement shortened from three days to a few hours – these and other capabilities could become realities in the financial services industry (FSI) as exascale-class HPC converges with evolving AI, blockchain, IoT and 5G technologies.”

A modern architecture for complex workloads

Designed as the fabric of the future, the Rockport Switchless Network has a fully distributed architecture ready for the next generation of performance-intensive computing. 

By getting the switch out the way, Rockport helps FSIs accelerate time to results by dramatically simplifying network design and configuration without compromising on performance, scalability, and redundancy: 

Fast results, predictably

Eliminating the switch enables better performance and effective bandwidth capacity to deliver accelerated results with greater certainty.

Optimize cluster performance

By virtually eliminating congestion under load, FSIs can achieve better workload completion times and fewer idle resources.

Redundant, resilient, and secure by design

Inherently redundant and resilient, a Rockport network delivers maximum uptime and minimizes attack surfaces.



Rockport's Director of Field Engineering, Loy Evans, explains how to get better performance and more efficient data center utilization, with less complexity, in this webinar replay.

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