Simplify the

The market spoke. We listened.

After considerable time spent with customers and market makers alike, the ask was clear: build a high-performance network that will pave the way for AI, IoT and all things HPC. Design it to deliver predictable, reliable outcomes no matter what you throw at it. And make the economics make sense.

A new era in high performance networking.

So, we made it our mission to architect a highly sophisticated network for customers with the most challenging performance and scale needs. Rooted in this commitment was our relentless focus on innovation, performance, commercial, and environmental sustainability to usher in a new era of networking.

we ditched the switch

We started with a clean slate and did the unthinkable:
we ditched the switch.

Unbounded by traditional switches, we architected a distributed, highly reliable, high-performance interconnect solution where switching functions are integrated into each endpoint node. Ultimately the node becomes the network.

And we didn’t stop there.

On top of eliminating the performance bottlenecks of traditional network architectures we took it one step further: we dramatically reduced heat, power, rack space, and management complexity.

Leveraging supercomputer techniques, topologies and communication models with the broad applicability of an Ethernet host interface, customers have welcomed a more standard solution that is elegant, and, simple to install and operate.

Welcome to the fabric of the future.

Our people

This is our team.
The people behind it all.

Our leadership

A seasoned team with deep experience building start-ups, scaling organizations and growing internationally, Rockport is in good hands.

Where we are going

We are building a future where high-performance networks can be embedded into the most discrete form factor and distributed – anywhere. Without the limitations and physical constraints of a switch, we are committed to helping our customers with their time to innovation by making market-leading supercomputing networks accessible.

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